#Howtospotafeminist Uproar–Feminism or Misandry?

A lot of you probably already know my stance on feminism. If not, I will briefly summarize: I am a feminist. I believe in the equality of the sexes, not the superiority of womankind as many presume “feminism” means. I am, like many other feminists, hurt when accused of the latter rather than the former due to misunderstandings and terminology that has a rather loose definition. So when I saw that #Howtospotafeminist was trending, I checked it out. It began with a radio talk show host, Doc Thompson, when he posed on Twitter:

This immediately had an outpouring of input from those who had the notion in their head that all feminists were women, that they were man-haters who were power and attention hungry. That they were single, fat, unhappy and unattractive. That that they contradict themselves by saying that they don’t need any help from men and then ask for help. There were many more inaccuracies being spoken about in this hashtag, some of which are shown below. tumblr2 twitter1 twitter4 twitter5 Soon after those who believe as I do that feminism is not a dirty word, nor is it misandry incarnate, spoke up within the hashtag, attempting to set the record straight. While I agree with trying to speak out about the misinformation being spread about feminism and its definition, as shown below, I also feel as though the term has adapted as many do during culture changes.








There are feminists who seek to put down men, to separate themselves away from them and even above them. There has been an outpouring of individuals who believe in this misandrist view and label it ‘feminism’. Due to this extreme perception of the world, the term “feminist” has changed from being a socially aware individual with or without an education, in varying walks of life who believe in the equal rights for the genders to being man-hating, female empowering hypocrites who have little to no attractive qualities. So let’s take a look at some dictionary definitions of “feminism”.


dictionary2 dictionary3


So if the dictionary definition is conclusive, why is it that our culture has turned this beautiful movement into something other than what it stands for? Simply because of misogyny and it’s very nature–as said by Andrea Dworkin: “Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating.”

Not to say that everyone who has an alternate view on feminism and its definition are misogynists, simply that our society has raised us with certain ideas in our heads, undercurrents enforced through media and therefore becoming integral to who we become and what we believe.

So what should you do about this trending hashtag? It’s up to you. Is feminism a part of your life? Have you been misinformed? Do you want to push all of this under a rock because it’s too uncomfortable for you to talk about? Challenge yourself; tell us all how you feel about the term “feminism”, about the movement when it began and what it has morphed into. Tell everyone you can about what you believe–your opinion is important, no matter what that opinion is.

Want to learn more about the modern feminist movement? Here’s a few starting points for you:

Emma Watson’s HeForShe Campaign

What Is Feminism Today?



Hiatus Report

Sometimes in life we get ridiculously buried in work and stressed out over changes that are happening to us or around us. I am in one of these states at the moment. Needless to say I have a lot of priorities, which include but are not limited to: training for a 5k race, working a full-time job and writing this blog. However, it is time for a restructure of this blog, to keep it running and not into the ground.

So I’m taking a week or two, perhaps up to a month but certainly no longer than that, to get my life sorted out, my time managed and my blog restructured. When I return it will be with a bang, I promise you that! I will miss you, Audience, but I will see you again.

Whoa, Wait. Where’d You Go?

As I’m sure a few of you noticed, I haven’t posted in a couple of days. That’s because I’ve been moving (again)! I’m still in Virginia, and actually still in the same county, I’m just half an hour away from where I was earlier this week. That being said, I have plenty of fuel to continue blogging in the future. I just wanted to let everybody know why it was that I missed a couple of days.

Also I wanted to shout out a big thank you to everyone who helped us move: Ansel, Morgan, Kevin and Chris! If it wasn’t for you, we’d still be moving our larger furniture in, probably with me struggling to even lift some of it. Because of your generous natures we have everything in the new place and some of it, at least, set up. We have a lot left to do to get the rest of the place in order, but one room at a time.

Now I’m into yet another chapter in my life, and a busy one at that. I have plenty to keep me going and I can’t wait to share a lot of it with you, Audience! And once more, unto the breach…

Your Cat Does Weird Things? Mine too.

Cats are wonderful, adoring animals that make amazing pets. Since I was young there has always been at least one around. All the travels I’ve made in life have included a cat being dragged around with me. First it was family cats: Chanton (Bah), Chewy, Simon, NoiseN, Spot, Cloudy, Al and Hoax. Some of these have since passed, some are still alive and kicking (and scratching, and biting)! Since I’ve lived with cats for a while, I figured I’d share some of their eccentricities that I’ve learned to live with whether I like them or not.


1. They will go (or try to) where they do not belong—and you’ve told them they don’t IMG_20140711_110830belong there many, many times.

They are vindictive.

2. Attacking your feet is always an option.

Especially if you’re in bed and dozing off.

3. They will sneeze on you.

Mostly this will happen when you have your mouth open, and the sneeze was likely without warning.

4. Throwing up is solely for the carpets.

No matter how hard you try to make them aim for anything but the carpet, they inevitably always retch on one of the toughest surfaces to clean up afterward.

5. When you go to clean the litter pan, they choose just then to go to the bathroom.


6. After you’ve cleaned it they have to dig through the new litter without actually going to the bathroom.

Usually a good portion of that new litter ends up outside the box.

7. If you’re not early to feed them, you’re late.

Even if you’re actually right on time. They are, of course, starving to death by this point and let you and everyone in a five mile radius know that you are making them suffer.

8. If they have suffered an indignity of any sort, you will have to watch your back.

This type of suffrage is usually paid back to you, the owner, in full within the week.

9. Diving in front of you as you walk.

Typically as you are carrying something or attempting to walk up or down the stairs. They are trying to kill you.

10. Leaving you dead things.

Whether this is on the front stoop or on the hood of your car (like my cat, Cloudy liked to do), this is gross when there’s blood and guts all over the place and you’re on your way to a job interview.

11. Tripping you in the dark.

Midnight snack? Bathroom trip? Doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed, human!

12. Refusal to choose which side of the door they want to be on.

Seriously, they’re always on the wrong side of the door.

13. Intentionally snub you in front of your friends.

You finally managed to teach your cat a trick and then you can’t even get the little asshole to come to you when you want to show off!

14. They sleep all day and party all night.

You wish you had their lifestyle.

15. Curling up on your work: keyboard, paper, books…

You should only be paying attention to cat. Nothing else matter. Only cat.

16. You’re petting, you’re petting, you’re petting; BAM, cat butt in your face!

What, you don’t like it? Too bad, more cat butt.

17. Sitting in all of the boxes.

Every box. But this is especially true about boxes that held toys for the cat.

IMG_20140324_23391718. Knocking things off of your desk.

This is a daily occurrence here; Hoax has his preference for anything paper oriented.


Those are some of the things my cats have done/still do. What strange, weird, or silly things do your cats do? Comment below and leave me your cat stories!

A Little About Parkyr

This is me.

This is me.

So I never really did an “About Me” or a “Why” post, so here goes for Sexy Saturday (because I’m sexy, right? [don’t answer that]).

My name is Parkyr (that’s a last name, not a first name), and that’s it. That’s what I go by. You probably won’t get any other name from me unless you go venturing off onto my author website (here), which then gives you my nom de plume “Forrest Parkyr”. If you really want to call me Forrest I promise I won’t bite your head off for it (Dae-jahh, for instance, calls me this). I’m 24 years old as of this post; 5’6” and a little chubbier than I’d like. I was born and raised in good old Vermont, which is where my parents still reside. They have a horse farm there (here) and my ponies are all happily well fed and waiting there for me to visit them. In addition to having ponies (which are actually horses, except Leo who is actually a pony), I have a cat who has traveled to Virginia with me—his name is Hoax and he’s a black Maine Coon cat. He’s awesome.

This is Hoax.

This is Hoax.

Back at home I have another kitty, NoiseN, who I’ve had since I was 14 years old. She still acts like a Princess and boy oh boy is she ever. She likes to stay there with her companion (my Mum’s cat), so that’s why she doesn’t come with. She’s not good with change (hey, I didn’t used to be either!). My puppy dog is Hazel, a little long haired dachshund. She’s adorable and gives puppy eyes to everyone. Especially if they have food. There’s a turtle, Shikamaru, as well. I absolutely adore animals, can you tell?

Okay, so more about me: I’m an author with one book published. While I work on others I work a regular day-job and now I’m also on oDesk, ghostwriting for a couple of different people. They’re not my first choice of projects, but I get a bit of money for working on my writing. It helps. I have plenty of projects in the works, The Weeping Year being the closest to being finished. I’m in no hurry to complete it, but simultaneously I can’t wait for it to be done.

I got into blogging early on, but it wasn’t as structured and pointed as this blog is. I’ve never done something daily, so this is a bit of a challenge for me. I’m open to suggestions and inquiries alike, I love talking to people and learning more. I love new experiences.


1. Are you a girl or a boy?

Uh, I’m a girl.

2. Why so many animals?

Because I’m crazy. No, I just prefer animal companionship to humans.

3. What kind of day job do you have?

A retail one.

4. What’s your name again?

Parkyr [par-kur].

5. Marvel or DC?

Even though I have tons of Batman and Superman paraphernalia, Marvel every time.

6. Favourite Genre?

Supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi. This includes books, tv shows, movies, etc.

7. Music?

Alternative, mostly. A little pop, a little country, some classic rock.

8. What do you write?

My original works are generally fantasy oriented, but most of my works are included in the “Young Adult” section.

9. Favourite Authors?

Richard Adams, Brent Weeks. I may occasionally include others, but those are all-time faves.

10. How did you come up with Parkyr’s Perspective?

It was something I always wanted to do and I finally had enough time and energy to put into doing it.


If you have any input or think something should be included here, feel free to comment below or ask your question. I will be sure to reply and include it above!

Fourth of July! (Well, Fifth Now…)

The fourth started out with everything normal: food, shower, dress. During the day we went about our usual activities, grocery shopping among them. It’s the nighttime, for those of you who don’t partake in the festivities or aren’t American, that’s really the highlight of events.

star spangled nails

star spangled nails

Of course we started in about four o’clock: my younger sister and I painted our nails festive colors (she has fireworks on hers, I had the American flag on mine). While I was busied with that, I sipped at a glass of sweetened aloe juice with blueberries and strawberries mixed in to quench my thirst.

A wonderfully sweet drink

A wonderfully sweet drink

While some families have a picnic outside with a blanket and a cooler packed with potato salads, sub sandwiches and other such yummy meals, we decided to eat inside, where the bugs couldn’t bother us (as we have what is called “sweet” blood, biting bugs tend to devour us). After dinner we set out to find the perfect spot for viewing fireworks.

Now you don’t want to park close or sit close to where they’re actually taking off from–you have to crane your neck back to see everything, your car alarm will be set off and you could have the sparks land in your lap–so we chose a spot that had a treeline between us and the place the fireworks were taking off at. Torin and I enjoyed some frozen custard (which I had no idea was really just a creemee) as we settled in and waited for the sky to go dark.


And then the fireworks started. It was very different from the relatively small town that I grew up in: in Vermont they set off fireworks with pauses to “ooh” and “ahh” appropriately at them (Yes, everyone I know there actually “ooh”s and “ahh”s). The end, in Vermont, is signaled by a quick secession of fireworks in a last hurrah. In Virginia–it’s totally different. There are constant groupings of fireworks and little mini-marathons going off lower in the sky. We had no clue when it was going to end, or how we would know when it was nearing the end. Of course, they only managed to up the ante at the end to make sure we realized that it was the grand finale. The colors were beautiful, and even though we were bug-bitten and serenaded by distant car alarms, we still enjoyed the show.


What festivities are included in your town? Do you go to them, or choose to make an experience in your own backyard? Share and enjoy!

Supervolcanoes: Scary? Cool? Scary Cool?

Over the course of the last week I kept running across the term “supervolcano”, so I thought it would be interesting to do a bit of research and see what, exactly, a supervolcano is.

A supervolcano is like a volcano, but super, right?

Well yes, essentially. There are different definitions and causes for volcanoes versus supervolcanoes, but you’ve got it pretty much in a nutshell there. Obviously, there’s scale: a volcano is usually measured by VEI, or Volcano Explosivity Index, and as long as that VEI is less than 8, it is still considered to be a regular volcano. Only once the VEI hits 8 does the volcano become a supervolcano.

How is the VEI measured?

It all has to do with how much ash the volcano spews out. If it’s spewing out less than 1,000 cubic kilometers of ash then it’s not super, but 1,000+ cubic kilometers and that’s a supervolcano. But that’s just the difference between a supervolcano and the rest of the volcanoes. Once you get below 1,000 cubic kilometers you get more classifications of volcanoes, which is pretty cool in and of itself.

Are there external triggers that could cause an eruption?

First of all, let’s define ‘external triggers’: earthquakes and drilling into the volcano are two examples. Could that cause an eruption? It certainly could, which is why we monitor supervolcanoes such as the one in Yellowstone. But will it definitely bring forth our doom? Not necessarily. Scientists are saying that it is just as likely that the magma will cause enough pressure internally to cause the eruption all by itself. But this takes time—there is a volcano in Bolivia that has been classified as a ‘supervolcano’ that has been building in pressure since 1992, but either the pressure could release some other way or it could explode… but they don’t know when: years, decades, centuries or even millennia.

Could Yellowstone have a super-eruption in our lifetime?

It’s possible, but unlikely. With all the different measurements that scientists are taking daily, we would likely see the precursors in advance to the super-eruption, such as increase in frequency of earthquakes, larger earthquakes, swelling in the earth’s surface, etc.

Say a supervolcano erupts, what would happen?

With 1,000+ cubic kilometers of material being produced, most areas nearby would be buried in approximately 1 kilometer of ash. After that there would likely be a volcanic winter which would result in harvests being lost for up to five years and billions of deaths.

Can supervolcanoes have smaller eruptions?

Yes, of course! There have been several smaller eruptions, usually resulting in lava flows or geysers.


If you would like to see how Yellowstone is monitored: click here!

A VEI Chart with lots of cool facts!