Music for Writing to

I’ve been writing for years, and most of the time I come up with soundtracks for what I’m working on. These soundtracks inspire me to write certain scenes, exemplify relationships or characters within whatever I’m writing. Sometimes, though, you just need some good background music for whatever you happen to be writing (or studying!) at the time. Most of the time I find these soundtracks on 8tracks, a website that you may create a free profile on and begin creating your own playlists, adding annotations, cover art, etc. These are some of the ones I’ve found that I really think stand out.

Hello writing, my old friend. This one is mostly instrumentals from all sorts of media.

get shit done. The soundtrack that led me to 8tracks in the first place.

Epic Score Playlist. What it says on the tin. These are all scores from pop culture.

nobody saves me but me. For those of you writing female-driven novels.

my mind is somewhere else. Instrumental again, beautiful to have in the background.

writing mix: medieval. For those of us who are writing medieval or fantasy genres!

it’s time to run. For those running scenes. Whether they’re running to or from something, they’re running.

Writing: Character Deaths. Again, what it says on the tin. You want a tear-jerker farewell to one of your beloveds? Listen here.

until the end. Apocalyptic/Sci-fi? We got your stuff here.

drive, darling. Indie romance paging you. We’ve delivered.

NaNoWriMo: Adventure. Wanderlust galore here, these will help you write your adventurous characters.

Have your own playlists for your projects you want to share? Have others that I haven’t listed that you think are awesome? Post them in the comments below for everyone to enjoy! Is it one song in particular that gets you ready to write? Put the youtube or soundcloud link below and I’ll take a listen! Most of all, though, enjoy writing.


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