#RedMyLips and Camp NaNoWriMo!

So posts may either be a flurry of activity or none at all during this busy month of April. Not only do I have my Anniversary coming up, but I have made a few commitments, am in the middle of paperwork for entering College for the summer semester and normal day-to-day life. So what are these commitments?

The first one I want to talk about is the Red My Lips campaign. April is, as some of you may know, Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Red My Lips is a month long campaign in which you sport red lipstick in support of survivors of sexual assault and as a starting point in which to talk about rape myths, victim-blaming and sexual assault in general. I’ve committed to this cause not only because it’s a great cause, but because of how many friends I had growing up who were victims. How many people I know now who either will admit it to others or aren’t ready to have the public bear witness to the trials they have faced. Sexual assault is something many, many women (and yes, men too!) have to deal with. It should be a topic freely discussed due to it’s frequency. I am here to talk about it, comfortably, with anyone who would like to talk more about it. If you would like more information about the campaign, the Facebook group is here and the website is here.

The second commitment is actually Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve spoken about NaNoWriMo (which takes place in November) on this blog before, since I participated this past year. Camp NaNo is a little different, although it has the same basic principles. Firstly it takes place in April. You sign up and set your own goal (not necessarily 50k like the standard NaNo), it’s suggested anywhere from 10k to 100k. Since I have a busy month ahead of me, I settled for 10k in order to finish up one of my original novels The Weeping Year. I have set up my own cabin, even though this is the first year I’ve participated, and am very willing to invite others to join it. Want to write with us? Join up for Camp NaNo here! If you would like to receive an invite to my cabin for support and some fun social interaction, comment below with your username and you will receive that invite!

In other words, I’m sure to be very busy this month, but I might have time here and there to write reviews, let you in on how Camp NaNo is going and more! Have a wonderful April and if I don’t see you during it, I’ll certainly be seeing you on the other end of it!


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