Wolfblood: Disney Channel Werewolves?


Wolfblood, a now Disney channel series that is in its third season, is a great take on werewolves for those who consume everything supernaturally inclined. It was a one-off for me, it was suggested by Netflix due to the fact that I’d watched other series like Supernatural, Bitten and very recently The Witches of East End. I ended up watching the first season in two days and have since continued on to watch Season 2. Although it’s another teen drama, not unlike Teen Wolf actually, I find that even though it has the obvious supernatural element of humans turning into wolves on the full moon, it has a lot of realistic and down-to-earth moments.

Wolfblood looks a lot like other BBC dramas (lighting, camera angles, etc.) such as Being Human, but that doesn’t detract from the series in the least. With lovable characters such as Tom and Maddy, you follow Maddy’s adventures as she meets Rhydian, a wolfblood like herself when he moves to town. He comes with his own set of troubles, such as the biological parents he’s never met before and his foster parents who have no idea what he is other than a troubled boy in the system. Maddy tries to convince her parents to help him all the while she dodges accusations about being a werewolf from her best friend, Shannon. This all adds up to being quite an enthralling television show, even if it’s meant for teens.

The CGI elements, as with almost any supernatural drama, could use some work. It always is plenty obvious what is computer generated and what was actually filmed, but if you put that aside you still have complicated and fleshed out side characters, main plots and sub plots that continue to be revisited through the season and an amazing cast behind it.

Overall I give Wolfblood a 4/5, only lacking in CGI quality, and highly recommend this series for teens and adults alike. Definitely check out the first season on Netflix!


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