Witches of East End: a Beautifully Spun Tale of Four Women


I started watching Witches of East End and I was expecting more of a teenage drama-fest that I became frustrated with and left alone. It was not what I was expecting. It was a feminist-friendly supernatural drama that didn’t put too much of an emphasis on romance, spun a positive view on female sexuality and growth as well as family and friendships.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a hair-pulling love triangle with one girl and two brothers, there’s enough romantic interests to keep the plot turning back around to it, but even in the thickest of the romance scenes they connect the women (the main characters) to each other and to lessons that they needed to learn. Each love interest for these wonderful ladies adds something to the show and their lives, no character is completely useless and two-dimensional.

Positive female sexuality is something our media in general has issues with. A woman wants sex? That’s crazy! She should be shunned and ridiculed. In Witches of East End, it’s primarily female cast has marvelous conversations that only celebrate their (and each other’s) sexuality. They encourage one another to pursue interests and there is no body shaming, which is a bit miraculous.

Furthermore these women are allowed to grow and change and overcome obstacles by themselves as well as together. There’s an emphasis put on family and friendships that turns what could have turned out to be a drama similar to the Secret Circle ended up being a much more feel-good and positive take on witches.

I’ve only watched the first season, but Joanna’s motherly qualities; Wendy’s crazy cat lady/aunt vibe; Freya’s yearning for love; and Ingrid’s soft, but still strong personalities have all won me over. I look forward to watching this tight knit family work through more problems made by their pasts in future seasons. Overall I give Witches of East End a 5/5 stars, and encourage watching this well-made television series.


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