Let’s Play: Arche Age by Trion Games!

Arche Age is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that came out not that long ago. Made by the same people (Trion Games) that created RIFT, another MMORPG that I played back when it was in beta and then after it came out, it has a lot of similarities, some I cover in the video below, and a few differences. One of the main differences is that Arche Age is more of a sandbox game, where you decide how you’re going to play.

Game Summary: A sandbox MMORPG, Arche Age can be played by all ages of gamers. Recommended for “advanced beginner” players, you will need to at least be open to figuring out game mechanics if you are not already knowledgeable in them. Play as one of four races in the world, create your own skill tree and become what you wish to be whether that is a hero, a pirate or anything else!

Click play on the video below, and see how the game looks!

Do I recommend Arche Age? If you enjoy MMOs I do. It’s fun and a little different from most (unless you’ve been addicted to RIFT in the past). It might be a little difficult for beginners to pick up, due to the build-your-own class mechanic, but I feel it can easily be picked up.

Want to play Arche Age? Download the Glyph Client and patch the game today! It’s free-to-play with a cash shop, so don’t hesitate to join in or even just try it! Go to Trion Games to download the client.


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