Forever: a Long Time but Ironically Not Enough Either


Forever is a brilliant show with a bright future; a wonderful watch for those of us who enjoy their mysteries with a side of supernatural. No but seriously, anyone looking for their Super-Who-Lock fix needs to watch this show. It’s funny, smart and exhilarating: the fast pace of the show making it hard to look away.

Forever in 100 words or less: Follow Henry Morgan, ME who chases death because he can’t manage to stay dead, as he learns how to live after 200 years of existing. With Detective Martinez calling on his help in solving a handful of New York City’s murder cases as well as his very own morbid fan who claims to be the same as him, Morgan has a lot on his plate. Together with Abe, his sort-of son, they will unravel both the day-by-day murder cases as well as their own conundrums.

With Ioan Gruffudd starring as Henry Morgan, the man who may die but will always come back (and in a very specific way), the show already has a magnificent start. Having been in several shows and films I’ve seen before (The Ringer, Castle, The Fantastic Four), I immediately decided I wanted to see this actor in a steady television series. If that series happened to fall directly into my interests? Even better!

As of the third episode my only complaint is the female Detective that Gruffudd’s character works with seems a little slow. Granted that her focus is on the cases they are attempting to solve, but the fact that she has seen things that don’t match up and yet she believes anything Henry says seems a little bit silly. She should be prided for and celebrated for delving deeper in the enigma that is Henry Morgan, and yet she is content to ignore all of the inconsistencies for now.

On the flipside I love the murder mystery feel of the show, the mystery surrounding Henry’s conundrum and how the past has unfolded for both him and his sort-of son, Abe. I hope this show makes it past the first season, as it’s basis is everything audiences have been looking for (and more)!


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