Minecraft on a CrackPack Server

Most people know what Minecraft is: if you don’t, you should probably check it out. As for the “vanilla” version, it’s been steadily encompassing more and more of the mods that people used to have to add in. There are loads of new mobs and blocks that didn’t used to be there (and I played back when there were finite worlds that were only in creative and we made crude pirate ships in the natural bays that formed in our worlds). Frankly, it has changed a ton since I first started playing the game that has become a massive hit with all ages of players. In any case, one of my friends recently regained use of their computer and has set up a server, exploring the package of mods that comes in the CrackPack (tech and magic to encourage PVP play). For non-players: Player Vs. Player (PVP) is basically every person for themselves and/or team-based. In this case my boyfriend and I created an alliance to be a neutral party. We have been working on making a trading post so that others might be able to get their hands on supplies they might otherwise not be able to get easily.

day one

When we started we had a ladder that allowed us to climb up a tree onto a wooden platform where we stored our food and other things we found. It was a rough start, but since we were near the spawn and everyone else had fanned out to explore and conquer their own areas, we had it pretty quickly set up.

Now it’s been a couple of in-game weeks that we’ve spent setting up an entire stone tower underneath the wooden platform (including beds, a garden, a basement that deals with the tech aspect of the game). We have a pretty solid start to being the neutral party everyone comes to in order to trade supplies. At the moment our only worry is that no one will need to trade–they will decide to go out and try to find it on their own, gaining experience along the way. Our only hope? That they will all annihilate one another and come to us in order to build themselves back up quickly!



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