Officially off of Hiatus!

Starting next Monday I will have a new system I’m going by here on Parkyr’s Perspective! I will be posting three-ish times a week:

Monday will be Monday In Review: Basically the same as Marvelous Mondays, I will be reviewing something!

Wednesdays will be Trying to Write on Wednesdays: Same as Writing Wednesdays, I’ll be talking about all different aspects of writing.

Fridays will be Friday is Game Time: I may have a video from me playing earlier in the week, I may sit down and play live for a couple of hours during the day/evening/night, I may talk about consoles, computers or anything relating to gaming. This may also pertain to board games! Anything game-like goes here!

If there are other posts during the week they may be random bits of news, thoughts, opinions or rants. Anything I feel like putting on there. So remember, once Monday, September 22, 2014 rolls around I’ll be starting up posts with zeal! Keep your eyes open for future posts!



Tell me what you think!

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