There Are No Reasons to Not Watch Guardians of the Galaxy Right Now


I’d been waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy to come out since they first announced the film. Today I got to see it and was absolutely thrilled with how it came out: it was hilarious, action-packed and well-rounded.

For those of you who don’t know who the Guardians of the Galaxy are, you might want to check out the Marvel comics because they’re wonderful and worth the time. To give you a short view of them, they are made up of an outlaw, an assassin, a living tree, a cybernetically and genetically enhanced raccoon and a big guy with a vendetta. These guys tend to find trouble everywhere they go, and in this particular instance it all starts out with Peter Quill, the outlaw, stealing an important orb from an abandoned planet. The thing is, this orb isn’t just some decorative item, it’s actually a really powerful weapon, on par with the Tesseract from The Avengers and Thor. But wait, there’s more! He’s not the only one after this weapon, it seems like everyone is after it, including one of the most powerful forces in the universe: Thanos.

So there’s quite a bit of action, due to all the various fight scenes, but right when the tension gets to that cut-it-with-a-knife level, someone makes a joke. Talk about great writing! The jokes fit perfectly too, so it just makes the audience relieved and keeps them enjoying the film during it’s just over 2 hour run-time.

Something that I noticed that was a wonderful thing to see and you don’t see too often was character development all the way around. Each one of the characters had some kind of revelation: Drax the Destroyer learned that his vendetta didn’t have to end in a suicide run at the bad guy; Gamora learned to trust in others and not just herself; Rocket learned to accept the fact that he was different; Groot not only learned to speak other words than “I am Groot”, but he also learned that sometimes you must fight for peace; and lastly Peter Quill learned to forgive himself for things done in his past. All in all, there was a lot of great advancement in the plot and each subplot based on what these characters learned. I absolutely loved seeing such well-written characters on the big screen.

All in all I definitely recommend going to see Guardians of the Galaxy or at least watching it when it comes out on DVD/BlueRay. It’s a great movie for any member of the family and funny enough to keep you going through the whole movie!


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