From Candyland to Pictionary

Board games are an absolutely wonderful way to relax, whether there’s only two of you or there’s eight. I know that my own collection of board games has done nothing but grow, especially with the more friends I have found. From Candyland to Pictionary to Dominion—even Tabletop RPG board_gamesbased games like Pathfinder have their rightful place among the thousands of board games I suggest sampling from.

Kids games can be fun for anyone, but the basic ideas behind them might be a little too boring for adults, if it’s solely adults playing the games you might find that making up your own system of rules or adapting the existing rules would make the game more fun for the players.

There are games for those aged 12 and up, Monopoly and Parcheesi are good examples of these types. They are a great way, sober or inebriated, to relax. The only thing about Monopoly? It can sometimes ruin friendships. Be careful with that one, but otherwise you’re bound to have a great time.

There are tabletop RPG games: yes, Dungeons and Dragons is what I’m talking about. They are a great social game that is a little more in depth to set up and play, but just as enjoyable (maybe more so for people who prefer to be immersed in a game). Pathfinder and D&D are a game that is going to be spread out over multiple sessions in order to get through a campaign, so be prepared to play this often and with generally the same people.

Card games are another form of “board games” that you might find to your taste. Games like 46153-collectionDominion and Munchkin are based in cards, but Uno is just as fun and relaxing. These are usually great for all ages, although Munchkin has complex rules that are generally more made up as they go so it might not be as suited for youngsters if they don’t have a dedicated helper.

Overall games can bring people together, relieve stress and give you something to do in times when you might not have much else to do. They’re a great way to relax and enjoy your day. So break out a board game and rope in the family or invite some friends over!


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