Vinyasa Yoga: Sweat Your Stress Away

Brazilian Yoga is a subset of yoga that is usually known by it’s own subset of yoga: vigorous vinyasa. In this subset of Brazilian yoga you practice the more challenging inversions and arm balances seen in some yoga positions meant for the more experienced, but in a fast-paced setting that makes you sweat. However, that isn’t all that Brazilian Yoga encompasses. It also covers more of the basics, in a less challenging environment.

So what all does Brazilian Yoga cover? It covers your basic salutations and twists that focus on connecting your breath and movement to give you greater flexibility, balance, endurance and strength which is usually called vinyasa yoga. It does cover the vigorous vinyasa, which I described before, and is more invigorating than the basics. And then there is always the acro yoga, which involves two people working together to achieve balance, flow and peace.


How can Brazilian Yoga help you? By practicing Brazilian Yoga you will notice a difference in overall health, injuries healing or feeling better, and reduction of stress. Your breathing and movement will be as one, so you will lead a more balanced lifestyle. Of course, this is only if you practice Brazilian Yoga regularly, as with any workout you will only feel these affects for so long after you have stopped practicing in it.

Where can you go for Brazilian Yoga classes? It really depends upon which form of it you are looking for, but I recommend looking in your area for vinyasa yoga: if you aren’t experienced, start with the basics and move up from there. Try to choose a Yogi who will give you a great experience and let you learn and release your stress while being in their classes. You want someone with experience in what you would like to learn, so don’t be afraid to ask them some questions before trying out a class—get to know them and see if you appreciate their personal style as well as their teaching style.

Are there other kinds of yoga I might benefit from? Certainly! If you’re not into a challenging, vigorous kind of class, then feel free to check out the Hatha style of yoga, which is more relaxing. Everyone has a preference, so make sure you choose the class that is right for you!


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