Painting a Room

IMG_20140720_105203Maybe this isn’t relaxing for all people, but I experienced a relaxing activity today: painting a room. Okay, so for those who don’t know, I’ll be moving from a condo to a house this upcoming week, so in lieu of this new house and permission to repaint the bedroom my boyfriend and I will be sharing, we decided that the mustard yellow paint that was in there had to go.  Simultaneously, the little sister was upstairs painting her room from a beige color to a light turquoise, making today a family painting day.

We all dressed in “throw away” clothes (for me this was my Hogwarts lounge pants and an old tank top), and put plastic down. We gathered all of our tools, taped off the walls and got to work.


With our walls taped off so the two of us painting downstairs could get the green wall in first (our IMG_20140720_114403theme is an earthy one in our bedroom), I got to tackle the green wall on my lonesome while Torin went after the other three with a first coat of white paint. After a while, my green wall was painted and all the finishing touches were given to it. The first coat of white paint was on the other walls and we were set for a break.

For lunch we had sandwiches on gluten free bread ( a necessity in this household), and ran over to Walgreens to grab drinks and more handsoap. We were already plenty splattered with paint! Overall lunch didn’t take too long. We ate, drank up and then got right back to work again.



IMG_20140720_114416With a second coat of white and some coverage of trim (it was originally the same white as we were painting the walls, and there were scuffs and paint drips from the original color of mustard yellow on the trim), we were just finishing up edging and getting little bits here and there. Our room, which has no windows in it but does have french doors to let in what little natural light it can get, was completed with three white walls and one green one. The green one is the one directly across from the doorway, giving the room dimension and a pop of color–one would think this was my idea, but Torin gets all the credit for that one. Overall it was a relaxing day that ended with taking a hot shower to try to get all the paint out of our hair.




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