Making Gluten-Free Lemon Muffins

Yesterday I tried cooking in a kitchen that wasn’t mine, trying my hand at a new recipe. Originally I found the recipe on Pinterest and thought they might get gobbled up by the fam. So I made them!

Snapshot 1 (7-16-2014 12-00 PM)

I’m not going to reiterate the entire recipe here, but if you would like the recipe, click here. That also allows you to pin it to your own board, if you wish. Regardless, I soon made the discovery that certain household members really weren’t partial to poppy seeds. So instead of nixing the recipe, I altered it so there wouldn’t be any poppy seeds. Gluten-free lemon muffins, here I come! With Torin’s help (he wanted to see how the recipe was made), I began. First, I started the oven off. I didn’t want to mix everything and turn around to realize I’d forgotten to.

preheat oven

And then I began with the recipe. It called for dry ingredients in one bowl (Torin measured those out) and wet ingredients in the other (I busied myself with these). This included getting lemon zest, which I had only watched my Mum do on occasion.

zest lemon

When it came time to juice the lemon, I had never done that without a reamer. So after a quick Youtube search and a wonderful video explaining a technique, I used it! It worked really well, the lemon yielding a little more than a quarter cup of juice.

lemon juice

Eggs were the final step in the wet ingredient list, but there were six of them, so it was a bit of a task.


Torin decided he needed to be the whisk wielder that day and blended the wet ingredients effortlessly. Meanwhile, I was washing dishes and trying my damnedest to keep our work area uncluttered and clean.

whisk bowl 1

And then he was mixing the wet and dry ingredients together, whisking it smooth while I greased the muffin tins.

grease the sheets mix bowl 1 n 2

The batter sat, mixed, for five minutes while I worked some more on clean up. When the five minutes were up, I put the batter into the muffin tin and popped it into the oven for half an hour.


When they came out of the oven they cooled, and then we tried them. Aesthetically, they came out a little on the crispy side, and I have to wonder if that was due to the grease I was forced to use. However, the muffins were moist, very tasty and flavorful!


Throughout the day every family member tried them and was surprised at how good they tasted. They remarked on how moist they were and how lemony they tasted. They were all gobbled up that day, but I managed to snap a picture before all of them were gone.





2 thoughts on “Making Gluten-Free Lemon Muffins

    • Coconut flour was the only flour in these, as the recipe calls for. The temperature was 350 F degrees, again as the recipe suggests. The grease I used on the tins was PAM though, which is not my first choice…

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