A Football Game at a Bar


As you might well know, I’m a self-professed non-fan who is coupled with a casual fan of football. With the World Cup Final scheduled for today, we decided to suit up and head out. We were joined by some friends and friendly neighbors at the bar, where almost the whole crowd was there to watch the World Cup. Seeing as this was a first for me, I was a little nervous about fitting in at first, but soon found that those thoughts weren’t necessary.

The atmosphere at the bar was friendly and open–there were several people wearing jerseys from both teams and no bad interactions happened that I was aware of. All we encountered was polite, happy people. Even those not wearing jerseys were into it, and it seemed that the regulars who weren’t really football fans (like me, the non-fan) were interested in the happenings as well.


The food and drink was steady and tasted good enough to bring up back and forth from the counter many times while watching the game. I even had some awesome Bourbon Vanilla Latte Gelato during the second half (by the way, that stuff is amazing)!

All throughout the game the crowd was boisterous and interactive. We all cheered, groaned, and celebrated when Schweinsteiger trotted back on the field after a collision that left him bloody. Everyone was a great sport and there was never a hateful or spiteful word between the fans.

Overall my first experience watching a sporting event at a bar was wonderful. Good food, good game and great people. A very relaxing afternoon!


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