Learn, Have Fun & Take the Whole Family!

Okay, so today I went on a bit of an excursion. I went 20 minutes from my new home, to a place that I had never been to (although many other people have) and went all touristy. And you know what? It was a relaxing day! I wore comfy clothes, looked nice, and was accompanied by friends. I went to Washington DC and visited museums.

In the car, headed toward DC!

In the car, headed toward DC!

Now, there are many museums to choose from and we only visited two, but even still we had loads of fun and learned little tidbits of information here and there. The Natural History Museum was the first one we visited, and we enjoyed walking around and seeing all of the stuffed animals (the ones that used to be live animals, not the fluffy things you or your kids sleep with). We stood between the massive jaws of a prehistoric shark and got to see the shimmering Hope Diamond along with a number of other beautiful gems.


We're being goobers here, don't mind us!

We’re being goobers here, don’t mind us!

The Natural History Museum was free admittance, although the next museum we visited was not. The second museum we attended was the International Spy Museum. We did have to pay admittance, but we also purchased tickets to join “Operation Spy”. In Operation Spy we were grouped with five other people and went through a mission where what we did and how we did it affected the outcome. We got to solve puzzles, run around and have fun. I mean, how else am I going to live out my dreams of being an expert safe cracker other than in an awesomely interactive adventure like Operation Spy? Regardless, it was well worth the price.


My Spy Alias. Pretty cool, huh?

My Spy Alias. Pretty cool, huh?

Although we were tired by the end of our trip (hey, we did a lot of walking to see some other monuments as well), we still had a great time. The upside was that I got out, enjoyed the sunshine and then got to also enjoy some air conditioning on a hot day and see new things. Even if you live in the area, it can be a super fun weekend trip, especially if you bring kids along. They’ll have a blast and I’m sure you will too, if you give it a chance!


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