P4: The 3-Wheeled Car Hitting Markets in 2015

The P4 is a 3-wheeled car from Elio Motors, due to come out in 2015. With almost 15,000 reservations for the vehicle, it’s sure to make a splash—and that’s not even because it’s a 3-wheeled car! The P4 has many selling points to make this car a great little urban vehicle like availability, it’s eco-friendly design and affordable pricing.


Not only will the P4 be available at any of the Elio Retail Centers that will be opening in a network around the United States, but you will be able to select some custom options for your P4 as well. The customizations will be selected at the time of your order, so you may select color and whether it’s a standard or automatic as well. And after you finish ordering? Your P4 will be at that retail center, clean and ready for you in 24 hours. How’s that for awesome service? If you’re looking for services for you car just stop in at any Pep Boys (800 centers, 7,500 service bays), which I personally think is really cool.

Yes, the P4 is available location-wise, but is it any good? You may be riding in tandem, which turns some people off from this really neat new vehicle, but the mileage might cause you to think again. With an 84 MPG highway mileage and 49 MPG in city driving, this little car can go about 650 miles before it needs to be refueled. With that sort of fuel efficiency, why wouldn’t you want this car?

Now the price. You all are probably thinking this is going to cost some outrageous price, like a Mercedes or BMW, right? I mean, past vehicles that were similar to this had the price tags to match—smart cars, for instance, start at $12,490—but in this case the price is a lot more manageable. Paying only $6,800 for a P4, this car is worth the price. That’s the same price as a decade old Corolla, in case you were wondering.

In case you’re worried that this vehicle won’t have the amenities you’re used to in a car, just wait! It comes with an AM/FM Radio, air conditioning and heat, power windows and door locks, and three air bags. The car was designed to hold people 6’1” and 220 lbs. Of course it has held people 6’8” and 365 lbs, so don’t let these numbers fool you into thinking that’s the upper limit. In addition to all of these features, you get custom ones to choose from such as a Bluetooth steering wheel, cruise control and leather seats.

These little cars might not be the best at the back roads like in my home state of Vermont, but they will be quite powerful little machines in their own right. I believe they would be perfect in the urban environment, even if you have a medium to long commute.

For more information: the Elio Motors website

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