A Nice, Relaxing Bath

Imagine coming home from a long day at work, your back sore, your feet aching. All you want is to feel like you did when you woke up: refreshed and ready to tackle anything. A good way to unwind is a long soak in a hot bath.

There are many styles of baths: plain water, bubbles, fragrance and bubbles, just fragrance. Some have aromatherapy built right in, some have body exfoliants involved. Most times people will accompany a soak in the bath with music playing, a book to read or a glass of wine within reach. All of these will effect how quickly you’re able to relax and if you find any of the add-ins especially to your taste or not. So in this article I will compile a few different recipes for bath bombs and ideas to make your soak a little easier to relax into.


Tables, Trays and What-Have-Yous

A DIY Wooden Tub Caddy

Or A Wooden Tub Caddy To Purchase

Removable Wine Glass Hooks

Warm On Pebbles

A Side Table Idea

A Starry Night Sky Projector

Bath Bombs

DIY Oatmeal

DIY Rose, Lavendar and Oatmeal

DIY Aromatherapy Bombs

DIY Skincare Bombs

A Shop Full!

Pill Mould | Sphere Mould | Heart Mould | Egg Mould

DIY Sinus Congestion Bombs

DIY Dried Lavendar

Bubble Baths

Bubble Bars by Lush

Honest Bubble Bath Soap

Burt’s Bees Bubble Bath Soap


Beeswax Candles

Organic, Handmade Candles

Aromatherapy Candles

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