Will You All Just Chill?

Chill Burlington was started in 1997, a non-profit charity fundraiser that helps provide for the Vermont youths who are under-served or at-risk. Of course, the Chill Organization spreads across many other cities in the States as well as into Australia, Canada and Japan. It’s based on sports: starting with skiing and snowboarding, but I was introduced due to running.

Not only a noble cause, but the foundation is represented in a lot of places–as long as you’re looking. Plus, all of the proceeds stay near to the city it was pledged to instead of being shipped around. Maybe it’s because I’m a Vermonter, maybe it’s because I’ve known some kids growing up there who have a rough start, especially when it comes to education, but I believe this is a worthy cause and hope that by passing the word along, more people can get involved. If not in this, then in other organizations similar to it.

The Chill Website

Chill on Facebook

My Personal Chill Fundraiser (Donate!)


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