Was “Odd Thomas” Really a Good Movie?


 While I have to say, right off the bat, that Odd Thomas, the movie, stuck to the book like chewing gum to the bottom of your shoe I can’t say that the movie was my favourite. As an avid reader, it was no surprise that I was hooked on the Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz. I loved the character, the setting and the subject matter—it seemed like a normal murder mystery/suspenseful thriller until you threw that supernatural aspect in: and if you know me, you know that I can’t help myself when there’s something supernatural involved. As I am now getting through Odd Apocalypse, I thought that the first movie I should watch after moving down south a ways would be Odd Thomas. To be fair, I always complain when movies don’t closely adhere to the novel form, but I do understand where the reviews giving it a bad rap are coming from.

In the book, and also the movie, you find yourself following a young fry-cook named Odd. He introduces you to both sides of his life: the one with the living where he’s well liked and serves many in his local diner in Pico Mundo, and the one where he has to interpret what the spirits are trying to tell him seeing as they cannot speak. You meet Stormy, his forever love and see a wonderful, healthy relationship between them (even if they are a bit sappy with the pet names). You also meet the Chief of Police in Pico Mundo, Wyatt Porter, who knows Odd’s secret and tries his best to listen to him.

I enjoyed the casting for all of the characters, and truly believe Anton Yelchin was one of the best actors to date to have chosen as the lead in Odd Thomas. He embodied Odd’s character, drawing you into the movie and making it easily believable. Even the premise of the novel (and therefore the movie) is brilliant, and weaves a tale that leaves you discovering the next turn of events with Odd.

However, there are many reviews stating that the tone of the movie was off, jumping around from comic to suspenseful to romance-y in the blink of an eye and without transition. I would have to agree that the tone is not quite the same as I pictured it while reading the novel, but I’m willing to compromise in light of the movie actually having followed the book.

While the movie scenery wasn’t breathtaking, it was a stunning movie adaptation from the book and stayed true all the way to the end. I felt for Odd the same way I had felt while reading the book, even though the reading and the watching were separated by years. Overall I would give Odd Thomas four out of five stars and would recommend the audience of the novel to watch the movie.


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